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Ace Hardware 50% Off Sat Only

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For a moment there, I though I was going to score some more ladders and walkboards!
Perfect I have a repaint coming up.
too bad that everything thats normally 29.99 is going to be 10% off.

"*regular-priced items only"
Dam i thought that was going to get me discount on my new tool belt then.
Ace is one of the biggest ripoffs on sales. The bastartds will have a picture of the item and you buy and then send in the rebate and they dont send you any money because there was one number off on the bar code. The next big sale I checked all the barcode numbers and almost all sale items has numbers that dont match.
damn i just filled a 30# propane tank for 24$
My local ace just switched to Do It Yourself. Because of the crap.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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