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Accounting Software

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Anybody tried it? Thoughts?
Seems pretty intuitive. I messed around with it a bit this weekend and like it.
Any other recommendations for free/cheap accounting software? Up until now we've always used a mish mash of excel spreadsheets for invoicing, accounting, etc. Starting to get tired of it, especially as the business grows.
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Hard to beat Quickbooks for accounting/invoicing. I have the 2008 edition but I'm guessing the new version of Pro would do everything you need. Next time I upgrade I will go with the Premier Contractor version so I don't have to make up Job reporting from scratch.

They have some really good addon's and a whole host of other programs play nice with QB.
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Pro looks good and not too spendy (though you can't beat free). Any access to info on the cloud or do you have to pay monthly fees for that? Having things on the cloud is nice for backup purposes or being able to update things from multiple devices.
Wave is customizable, but not really made with construction in mind per se. My invoicing isn't overly complex, though, so maybe it's more right for me.
Check with your accountant before you choose anything. Mine specializes in QB so I figure I saved the cost of the program the first time he did my taxes.

I don't know about their mobile setup as I only do my books at home but I back everything up to my Dropbox folder as an added precaution. All business docs go in the Dropbox folder and get a physical backup once a week.
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