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access panel in ceiling for whole bay 20ft long

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I wasn't sure if this should be posted in drywall or carpentry, sorry.

A pipe burst inside a garage ceiling. I got the job to demo and replace. Only concern is that they want to have access to the pipe in the ceiling.

The pipe burst because there was no insulation. Im putting in insulation but thats not good enough for them. They want access to the pipe so in the winter they can use this extension cord/heater thing to keep the pipe warm.

Im just not sure how to make an easy access panel or something for a whole 16" bay that is 20' long.

I thought of just ripping plywood with some hinges and some basic latches.

Any other ideas?
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Pictures? Why not install a grid ceiling?
Replace it with pex, insulate the bay properly and use spray foam or XPS for a blocker to prevent any cold drafts from entering the bay. Make sure you seal up any cross penetrations from wires, pipes, etc in that bay as well. All of these steps will be much better than a silly 20' acess panel.

I understand the customer thinks the solution is being able to monitor that pipe forever and use heat tape on it. But that is completely unnecessary. Sell them on the proper solution for the issue with confidence.
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What Eric said, but if they still want access, install some attic stairs.
If they insist, put in a ceiling grid. It's going to be inconvenient and messy to open it with insulation sitting on top of it. A bunch of hinged plywood panels may be less of a hassle / more practical.

Better check your local code to see if that ceiling is required to be a rated assembly before deciding what to do.
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If they insist on access, get them to wrap the pipe and put in a small trap door where the plug end is. No need to trap door the entire length, that's what attic access is for.
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