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Hey everyone!

I am new to the site, and have posted previously in regards to wanting to become a GC and build homes. I had great feedback on your opinions, and appreciated it all.

What I didn't tell you guys before, is what I am doing now. Previously, I worked for Nextel as a Sales Rep, which was a pretty decent job, but Nextel is growing in different directions and I branched off from them by going to work for one of their "Business Solutions Partners" a company called Creditel Business Services.... I did this because I met with one of their VP's when he was here in Chicago, and I loved the product, he offered me a job, and here I am, etc....

The product is a credit card terminal that attached onto the Nextel Phones, it allows the business owner to swipe the card wherever he is, its convenient because it's simple. This way the business owner saves BIG $$ by not having to manually input the cards back at the office, and the customer feels safe because no one is writing down all their Credit Card info and carrying it around.

The reason that I am writing this is because even though we do a lot of Limo, Towing, and now HVAC, it occured to me after reading through some of the posts on this site, that a lot of contractors may use something like this.

Just curious to see what you guys think??? Let me know, thanks......... ;)
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