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Hi all you contractors out there! Hope everyone is keeping busy!

Me on the other hand not so much I guess. Sorry for being the millionth poster to this question but my question would be is how
I can go about finding steady leads/work home owners seeking...etc?
Ive been working in construction for over 11 years now and am still
having the same issues with this. I can take on a exterior paint job or small remodel but when Im done Ill be slow for a few months sometimes.
My main form of advertising is through flyers which I pass out from time to time. Word of mouth is always almost a guaranteed contract which is good but hardly steady.
Ive tried Angie's, Respond and Kelly's but they seem to take more money out of my pocket then they put back. So maybe I'm looking in the wrong place or going about this the whole wrong way? I was going to try to put a REALLY nice portfolio together with a bunch of pics from past jobs and try to find a builders list or something and send it out.
Partly it's my fault because I'm not too good with organization skills and not too good of a salesman at times either. My skills are in what I do and I consider myself pretty good at it too. I would treat a strip and re roof job the same as installing a sump pump when it comes to quality. It's hard to bid a job too because of that because I don't like to cheap out on materials or quality which makes me lose jobs to the guy that will not glue down his materials or buy the more expansive cement etc etc... I could go on and on but you guys know what I'm talking about.
Anyway sorry for going on and on so to sum it up I guess my question would be "How can I go about keeping steady work/leads, finding good quality leads residential or commercial?
As I said I've been doing this for over 11 years and it's supported me and my family with a few pit falls obviously or I wouldn't be here but I'd like to be able to pick and choose the jobs that come along instead of scrounging for anything that comes along.
I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes here trying to steal ideas or to get anyone angry for asking such a question so I'd love to hear of
your successes, what works or if not I get it if you cuss me out :thumbup:
Thanks in advance and I hope everyone stays busy and making $$

BTW I just started reading some posts here and from what Im learning is that a bunch of you are having success with yellow pages some with flyers (for the past six months Ive handed out about 5000 flyers with only 1 lead) it used to work as I would always get a job or 2 from flyers but lately nothing. Adwords on a website maybe? Mailing lists?
I wish I could just cut out the bidding process...joking!
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