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A Year Placement/Internship in America/Canada

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Good evening all,

I'm currently studying an RICS quantity surveying degree in Newcastle, England. I have researched a lot of information about internships and placements abroad, and it seems very difficult to be able to persuade a company in North America to take me on as RICS isn't a valued accreditation, does this sound correct?

So my question is, if there is any contractors/private practice establishments who would be willing to speak to me about a possibility for some time on placement in North America involved in cost consultancy or project management, could you let me know, or if anyone has any information it would be really appreciated,

Thanks a lot

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I studied for a degree in LICR and DICR and eventually got an internship, where I met a girl and was able to make use of my second degree.
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:eek: had to read that one twice :laughing::laughing::laughing:
Matthew, I have to say you will probably be more successful if you can find a UK
firm that does business in NA and convince them to send you here, rather than trying to convince a firm here to bring you over.

I am sure your degree has value in the UK, and possibly many other countries, but to justify the expense and administrative work involved you would have to provide some value to a firm over and above the locals applying for those same internships.
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