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A question for my fellow Floridians on the law

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I've got a friend of a friend that is doing cell phone tower construction that does not have a Fl general contractors license. He has a general contractor pull permits on then the GC has him listed as a sub-contractor.

To my understanding there are lots of problems with this arrangement ( IE it's illegal).

1st. I believe that it's not legal to subcontract work to a subcontractor if that subcontractor is not a licensed contractor.

2nd. He isn't actually the subcontractor as he holds the prime contract with the land owner and bids the jobs himself. He receives payment directly from the land owner. He then pays a GC a small fee for pulling the permit and listing him as a sub on it.

Somehow he does hold GL insurance and is bonded and has work comp. How would he even obtain those in Fl without a contractor’s license?

Just to be clear, he is NOT being qualified by the GC. The GC just pulls the permits for him.

Is this legal? He swears that it is, but I'm fairly sure it isn't.
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That scenario is very common down here in Miami. To my understanding, the GC that signs the permit for the other person is ultimately the one held liable for anything that happens at the job and is the one liable if work was done incorrectly which results to damages or losses.
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