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A little help with a survey!

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Hi guys,
I'm a small contractor in Vancouver, BC. I do a little design work and my customer wants some mosaic tile installed in 6 bathrooms in a high end apartment complex. I'm ordering the tiles based on the pictures the supplier has given in their website. I'm going to do my colour scheme around the colours in the tiles

I have a little survey at the link below. If you have a sec can you please let me know which ones you think look the nicest.

It would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance

Link to survey..
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i looked at these options and to me none of them look good but then again i don't live in a high end apartment
Why not ask the guy paying the bill to pick the color.

To me its tough to get the "big picture" effect from small samples. A color may look nice as a 3x3 tile set but when applied to the whole wall it could look like crap.
Yeah. None of those really hooked me up
Isn't that an oxymoron?
a high end apartment complex
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I like "D" the blue tiles, but it is a commitment to a color that would be rather expensive to change later. If I was doing the job, I would try to get a color that would be more neutral, to allow for decorating options.
You want to stay out of trouble?...let your customer choose...:thumbsup:
Well if it's truly an apartment complex where people rent, I'd go as neutral as possible as you'll have tenants moving in and out often. To help match decor, neutral is best and my eyes see F & L as the 2 most neutrals.

Now, I've heard people call multi-dwelling buildings apartments instead of condos. If that's the case, different story. However, are any of these units lived in or will they be sold after renovating? If they are not sold, neutral is again the key. If someone lives in one, offer the advice of neutrality for resale purposes but ultimately, let the owner choose.
Hi guys!
I appreciate the great repsonse. I agree it's hard to tell from the small pics. I've got some samples coming from the manufacturer, but it will be atleast 2 weeks before they arrive. The building is for rentals only. I also agree with keeping it neutral. In the end I am going to have the client make the last call. However, he wants some 3d renderings before hand to look at. He also wants to go against the norm and step outside the standard neutral theme most apartments carry. The buildings are in a part of town where rental suites are in high demand. Anyhow, thanks for all of your feedback!
Colin, hard to tell how they'd look without seeing the rooms. I know you say you'll match the color scheme but I might look at the area to see what the color tones are that are most selected and what the age group/target market of the people living in them might be. ie. Baby Boomers might have an aversion to orange (been there/done that) whereas Millennials or 20-somethings are all over oranges right now.

Vancouver has a very strong blue cast to the light with a lot of periods of overcast/rain. I don't know if any of these bathrooms have windows, but I still might tend to think warm tones rather than cool.

Just a thought.
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A quick pick would be K, seems that you could go with a variety of suitable paint colors with that one.
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Thanks Kitchensync,
you've given me a few things to think about here. I gotta talk to the owner a bit more before I spend a bunch of time on these drawings.
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