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A home I am remodeling for the owner??

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This is a geo-desic dome, very basic but small, but because of the frame work for this project has given me quite a challenge. To extend is out of the question, or to do an add-on for a couple bedrooms will make it very odd looking. Unfortunately, I can not just tear down a wall and extend.
Any directions where I should go...It is only 600 sq feet up and down in total

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Generally with a dome, only 2 panels are removed for an entry to the addition. The second dome is attached there.
Domes look different from the git-go, what are you worried about?
How about some pics Shell, theres enough talent on this site, I'm sure we could throw you some ideas.

Teetor, I was thinking the same thing, how much more odd can you make a dome than it already is?
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