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A good day to buy a combo kit

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Lots of deals today. has a bunch of stuff on sale for 20% off, if you change your local store to Carrollton, LA 70119. Check out this thread on slickdeals for details:

And cpo has the refurbished 2 tool Ridgid kit on sale for $108.,pd.html?start=1&cgid=ridgid-cordless-tools

I'm going to buy that Ridgid kit for my helper, I just can't decide whether to get the refurb or get a new kit from Home Depot for $160 and get the bonus radio and lifetime warranty.
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Remember, Ridgid's warranty covers batteries too....$52 for free batteries for life sounds good to me.
I hopped on this deal before Home Depot took down that store from the search. Landed the makita chipping hammer and grinder combo for 150 something.
Remember, Ridgid's warranty covers batteries too....$52 for free batteries for life sounds good to me.
Unless they improved their batteries,,,,your going to get to know the distributor in your area that replaces them......

Their tools are ok.....just the batteries are the problem...or used to be ....

IMPO ,....

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Yeah, I bought that Ridgid kit from Home Depot last night. I guess there's still a chance that they will decide not to honor that price, but they did charge my credit card, so I think I'm in the clear. I've had a Ridgid kit for almost four years and have had both batteries and the charger replaced for free under that lifetime service agreement. That's a sweet deal and I've been reasonably happy with the tools. I figured the difference in price between the new and refurbished was well worth it, now I just need to decide whether to give the new ones to my helper or give him my old ones and keep the new stuff for myself.
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Anyone that does not know that answer raise your hands :whistling
I did this a few weeks ago when they had electrical tools marked down got a Klein circuit locator, and a WDV scout coax cable tester and locator at a really good price. The power tools were not marked down yet though. Wish they had some deals on bare tools though. I really want the M12 fuel impact wrenches and ratchets.
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I got my new combo kit:thumbsup:


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