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I'm The BOSS
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OK to start off with I’m not JAYDEE.
Jaydee really means J.D. which is my avatar, my dog
J.D. which means “Jeff’s Dog. So, yes I’m Jeff.

I am the owner of New Image Construction, here in Massachusetts
I have a website and Facebook if interested

I have been in this trade professionally for over 17 years.
I had a partner at first , but we split when the business was going in different directions. I know we’re in business to make a living. But, I believe that Quality and a happy customer is the priority. He didn’t.
Ok, So I have always liked working with my hands, Wood, Metal and Cars & trucks. Anywhere in between is fine with me.

I am a G.C. , builder and remodeler. Mostly Residential work. No, I’m not a paper GC. I believe in doing as much as possible in house. Except for the sub-trades, Plumbing, Electrical, Insulation & plaster.

I love Tools and buy more that I should.

I believe in a safe, drug and alcohol free work zone and promote hiring the trades people that think like me.
I also don’t like seeing work from the illegals or half azzed handy men.
I believe the true professionals are certified, trained and strive for being the most knowledgeable in the trade of they’re choice

We do our own excavation and build from the ground up.
We do full interior, exterior remodeling along with additions and new homes.
We also specialize in High reach residential repairs. This started last year with the purchase of a man lift Genie z45-25j 65 ft.

I, we believe in doing the job right, like we all do. But we
treat every customer like our next referral. Not a line.

I’ve been here for a few months thought I should let you know about me , Oh-ya, I’m kind of a jokester, and a sarcastic one sometimes too.

And w/o spell check you won’t understand a word I say.

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Nice intro.

The "fire" job newscast on your webcast says a lot about what a contractor should be or strive to be.

Welcome to the site.

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Hi Jeff, welcome to the site. I'm new here myself but I've been a long time follower. Nice introduction, I agree that we should all strive to be the best at what we do and treat our clients right. Look forward to reading more posts!

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