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A family friend and the craigslist ad.

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Ok so this has been on my mind for a while and I will share it with everyone here and also get it off of my chest. I have a friend of a family member who was recently let go from employment with another family member of mine. Already the word family is in this story to much. Anyways to help them out financially I had him work about six days with me for some cash. But told him this was just before the holidays and I didnt have any other helper work available and to keep looking for employment. These were nice jobs one a kitchen remodel/addition that we went back on and installed the last cabinet and finished up our touchups. the next was a full paint job on a recently sold home 4000 sq ft.

He calls me a few days ago and tells me he found a job remodeling that he wanted to do and wanted me to look at it and tell him what I thought. Hmmm really didnt want to but let him know I would give him my opinion and help him figure out what he could do and what I told him he should sub out and bid based on his experience.

So here it comes, He comes and meets me and we go to the house. I ask him where is the house.... well its a mobile home a guy bought he wants to redo and sell.

Groossss nasty smelled of cockroaches but there was no heating frozen broken pipes. The homeowner wanted the drywalls holes patched and the entire place painted. Two new exterior doors. carpet replaced, subfloor had a break next to the tub about two feet long and one by the door.
Walked it told him what I thought about this and that. I was on my way to lowes so he came along and priced out cheap flooring. I told him I would call him the next day and we would meet and I would show him how to price it out.

Well I called him the next day and he got in a hurry and priced it out that same day and called the guy and gave him a written quote for $2,500 including all materials. I told him not very good you would be lucky to make $400 bucks for at least a minimum of a week of work.

The story ends with him not getting the job because according to him another contractor from craigslist bid it for $1,100

800 Sq ft carpet
80 sq ft linoleum
probably seven 2x2 drywall holes.

Wooow I can not believe what some people will do and what Craigslist is possible of bringing out.
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Either someone is crazy or there's BS on either his or the owners part. A trailer too, if the carpet has not been replaced before it could take alot longer to remove and alot more labor since in many cases they set the walls right on top of the carpet making you have to cut every bit of it up. I'd tell him he's lucky he didnt get it.
You don't know, really. People lie, a lot. Maybe they found someone for $1,100, maybe they just needed someone to give them a price so they could pay that amount to their cousin.

You just don't know.
I would have bid it at $3.25 for materials (gasoline and matches), and $10,000 labor for the liability of jail time.
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