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A couple small jobs I've done

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I really wish I had pictures of this job I did last year. It was a 35'Lx3'W pergola that curver around the patio and had all lattice work behind the grill area. Unfortunately I lost all the picture from a hard drive failure along with many others.

Any who, here are a few jobs I've done.
10x10 Shed, double door, two windows, single door, dual storage lofts, pre-primed HardiPlank, pre-primed pine trim. Hand made cupola ontop. I was contracted to paint it, and they were supposed to have it painted before the winter hit last year, however this spring I went back for the pictures and still unpainted.

8x12 Motorcylce Shed, overhead garage door, single door, one window, hardi on left, stained white cedars on the front, and t1-11 on back and right sides. the right side will remain t1-11 but the back side is setup to recieve cedars at a later point. The whole house is going to be the same style when money is better for him.

Little 6x8 Bike shed, one window and double door, hardiplank, primed pine trim

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6x10 Exterior was to match the home, double doors, single rear short door, one window, pine board & batten
excuse the dirt, it had just rained bad, and they didn't want to put down crushed stone :rolleyes:

Little woodshed I built, 3x8 I believe. Few years ago

Custom fence job I did in the Cape, completely designed built and installed by me

Another hand made cupola, they for some reason didn't want the shingles to match the house.
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Nice work.Interesting bit of business ,Do you specialize in sheds? Good eye for design.

Looks like the blue house needs some siding repair. Did you ask them about doing the job?
Did all the trim work in this home also. I wish I had before picture, where the french door is it used to be a single exterior door (used to lead outside and the first contractor never changed it) and a window to the right of it. Just this door alone changed the whole interior

I also recently purchased the conservation tech weatherstrip machine and installed weatherstripping into these doors as well as another set they have, since they don't heat the opposing room in the winter. For the bottom I used automatic door bottoms.

Replaced the window with internal grates, and the cabinets used to sit about 6" away from the ceiling... the guy who build the house was an absolute hack, 1.5" spaces from the wall on all the cabinet sides, so I also fixed that. Even the old counters didn't touch the wall, so I made an oak "spacer" then attached the crown ontop of that

EDIT Also, I did not install the 1/4 round on top of the back splash and tried to get homeowner to take it off, haha, and I only prepped for paint, no actual painting also the home owners working
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First thing you saw when you walked in this house was the butt end of this wall, home owner gave me the go ahead to do whatever I felt would help attract your attention away from it or make it more pleasing to the eye, I succeeded and they were beyond happy with a simple fix.

Then base/chair rail/ crown the rest of the first floor

I did not do the molding around the opening in the wall, home owners previous work
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Nice work.Interesting bit of business ,Do you specialize in sheds? Good eye for design.

Looks like the blue house needs some siding repair. Did you ask them about doing the job?
Yea kind of I do a lot of different things but have built quite a few sheds, I enjoy doing them, but not everyone is looking for a custom well built shed.

Yes the, actually it's gray, but we have talked a few times about it, and someday I'm sure I'll do it but they're spending other places right now. I did go back to fix a door for them, so I see them being a repeat customer.

However good eye picking that up.
Very nice work there N. Schiffer!! You're a good craftsman..
thanks man where you located? I'm in Stoughton
I live in Attleboro, a rocks throw away from the buckett, RI
Cool, good to see locals on here. Thanks for the kind words! :thumbsup:
Im a fulltime student currently, plus have a 40hr a week job when Im not in school, I run production at Canton Fence Co. for 10 years now. So this is currently my side job, until I get out of school. But not bad... you?

Currently Im doing a full reside on a slab home in raynham with HardiPlank, did the whole roof last year, and painted all the rooms inside over the summer. Then I got another possible full reside in Walpole.
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