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I've gotten 2 phone calls from this guy in the past 6 months and if he calls me again, I'm going to stop him and ask him some questions because I think the guy has a great story to tell.

I suspect the guy has created a niche for himself and is probably raking in the dough, or rakes in just as much as he wants to, whenever he wants to. I suspect he has a long background in sales, has retired a few times and just doesn't want to stop working and has created this little business for himself to keep himself busy because he loves what he does.

From his voice he sounds like an older gentleman, he is very polite, has just a tinge of southern gentleman accent and you can tell you are talking to somebody probably in their 60s.

What he has done is approached a group of insurance agents and sold them on himself as being their private telemarketer. He cold calls businesses and in a very interesting and refreshing and polite way explains the situation to you that he represents a few insurance agents and he calls businesses like yourself to see if he can help save you some money on your GL insurance or other business insurance needs.

He very nicely and politely explains that he is currently representing Mrs XZY and her agency and that if you have any desire to do so he will forward your name and number on to her and set up a time for her to contact you about your insurance. There is more to it then that and it's hard to explain the entire thing without actually hearing it.

But the 1st time he called me (six months ago) I actually accepted the offer to be contacted. (she turned out to be nothing special) but the guys methods had me so intrigued I tried it out.

He called me again a couple of days ago, this time I turned down the offer, and he very politely ended the call immediately. Said thank you, called me by my first name and hung up. I have no doubt he was dialing the next number to his next cold call within a split second of ending our call.

I picture this guy probably does this out of his home for 2-3 hours a day, is very successful at landing call appointments for his small group of clients he offers this service to and is making all he wants to in his semi-retirement.

If he calls me again, I'm going to stop him and find out about him.

Very interesting dude.

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Good salesmen are nice and friendly to talk to. There is a lumber salesman out in Seattle somewhere that is the best I've ever known. Outsells everyone else combined. Effortless. You don't even realize you've bought something from him.

The guy you describe almost sounds like Ziglar.
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