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I really did not know where to post this since it's an unusual item. I did not make this, I just refurbished it to my best metal working abilities, which aren't much.

This is an old metal lawn chair. My wife thought it would be a good thing to do to refinish this for my mom for her birthday a year ago. I had a little brush on a grinder is all. I took it apart, used stainless bolts, dusted all the rust off it, went to HD and got some painters touch spray paint and voila!

I'm gonna guess circa 1950's? Not sure, but it sure is cold on the ass when you sit down! Thing weighs a ton. It used to be pink. No way was I gonna paint it pink.


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Grandma had a set of those.
Her's were kind of sea green,
and already "old" in the early 50's.
Nice rejuvenation F. :thumbup:
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