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I went to look at a job I was referred to where the home owner wants a pergola built on his new pool deck that buts up to garage which has about a 13' eave with brick all the way up. The concrete pool deck should be 5" thick and has 3500# concrete (information I got from the pool builder)

The pergola needs to be 30' long and come out from the wall 8'. It's going to be 11' high with 6x6 posts and a double 2x12 beam around the top.

So the issue I see is that the location of the posts is on the pool deck.....

I also of course cannot attach the beam to the brick veneer wall.....

I'm thinking I would need to fasten brackets onto the pool for the 6x6's to mount into. But what would keep my tall pergola from swaying and falling over? The customer didn't really want braces from the posts to the beams but I'm thinking it may be the only way to keep this thing sturdy.

Is there anything I am not thinking about?

Thank you gentlemen.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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