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66inch cantilever

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What do you guys think? The existing deck beams are 50 yrs old,not treated and rotting out. 2x12s with a 5 ft cantilever. Im considering going in and replacing the beams exactly as is with treated wood. I don't like that much of a cantilever but but what has been there still seems very strong except for the fact that its rotting away. As u can see someone has done some patch work.


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Before someone asks. Yes I am trying to sell deck and railing redo also. Definitely needs it!!
Thanks Clem That's a good thought on the girders
The girders will need to be 24 ft. long so I would like to stick with 2x's.(for handling purposes) The section of beam exposed to weather will be covered with some kind of deck wrap.
Maybe over-kill, but Im probably going to go 5 wide with my 2x12s
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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