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Put another 5kw in it add a 2 stage heat tstat, control wire one 5kw for stage two, set tstat for 68 if the 1st stage cant maintain 68 it will pull in and cycle the 2nd stage to maintain 68.

Now you have the best of both worlds.
I would do the same . If I was doing 100% electric resistance heat .

But , depending on the age of the equipment , cost per kw and the climate ( how cold it gets ) , it might be a good time to think about a heat pump ?

But , if it rarely gets cold enough to need the extra heat , you might consider a few of those plug in heaters . It would not cost any more in electricity to use them as supplemental heat , than the extra 5 kw strip . And you could put them where the heat was needed most .

Lastly , the answer to insulate more / better is a very good idea , too .

God bless
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