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48"x36" there one available?

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Hey guys,
I am estimating a small bathroom remodel in a house and it currently has a 48"x36" shower. Is there any way you can get a bathtub that is only 48x36? If so any suggestions as to where? We would still install tile surrounds for a shower, but would give them an option of having a bath for kids, as they are currently all taking showers because the house has no bathtubs. Any help would be appreciated!!
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thanks for posting this...goes right along with what they want!
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thanks but it comes up with the same crap I already found lol....I normally try to search before posting.
:thumbsup:I put my estimates in today so we will see. Thanks for the quick help!:thumbsup:

:laughing::laughing:I never realized there was no selection of 4' bathtubs but then I think....I am 6'6" So I would never even dream of fitting haha :laughing::laughing:
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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