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48"x36" there one available?

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Hey guys,
I am estimating a small bathroom remodel in a house and it currently has a 48"x36" shower. Is there any way you can get a bathtub that is only 48x36? If so any suggestions as to where? We would still install tile surrounds for a shower, but would give them an option of having a bath for kids, as they are currently all taking showers because the house has no bathtubs. Any help would be appreciated!!
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try "the find dot com" page 2 has one on it in their bath collection.
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forgot to add put keyword 48 inch bathtub for search on their site.
:eek: Picture of your first job there, Mike? (before pic I take it :laughing:)
Found one.

That's our man-cave, outdoorsman bathroom special.
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thanks for posting this...goes right along with what they want!
You're welcome.
thanks for posting this...goes right along with what they want!
thanks but it comes up with the same crap I already found lol....I normally try to search before posting.
:thumbsup:I put my estimates in today so we will see. Thanks for the quick help!:thumbsup:

:laughing::laughing:I never realized there was no selection of 4' bathtubs but then I think....I am 6'6" So I would never even dream of fitting haha :laughing::laughing:
I think we got to the bottom of this issue 3 years ago...
lisapickell said:
kohler k-1990-x-0 48"x32"
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