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30oz Estwing...

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Why can't I find one anywhere? Please don't tell me that the fine art of swinging a hammer is dead....I am a gun guy, but a pouch with a handful of eights and spikes needs a real hammer, hehe. The only reason I need a new one is because I de-waffled it. Later.

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Biggest I could find locally was a 24oz. I love my mini sledge and it's come in real handy many times for demolishon, but truth be told on more siding jobs than I can count, guy using 16oz and me with my 24oz used the exact number of swings to drive the nails since you can't sink 'em. Get me on a framing detail and it only take me 2 swings to sink a 16d as opposed to 4-5 with the 16oz.

Good luck finding your 30 oz, but that seems like alotta hammer to be swingin, hate to be the guy in the bar that pisses you off ;) :cheesygri

Thanks for the time responding. I started with a 22ozsmooth, then got my hands on a 28ozwaffle/milled/nurled. whatever..then had to match the boss, which led me to my 30oz waffle estwing..This happened in 1994ish...I'm on my third 30ozer now...I just hate to drive 50 miles to buy a, and who wants to pay shipping for a hammer...later

you could re mill the head? I have used a hacksaw before it took along time though I think I would drive the 50 miles. maybe theirs a better way with a dremel if you have one. I use an 18oz stilleto framing hammer, made out of titanium very light but extremly well balenced, also an exchangable head.I can still drive a 3.5" nail 2 swings no problem, actually I usually set the nail then bam! one smooth smack ,that nail was wishing it was in someone elses pouch that day.
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