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2250 SF Nail down

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Hey guys I got a call to install 2,250SF of 5/8 bamboo in a jockey store . Most of my jobs have been residential , not much commercial. The GC said he had this done in Georgia And it took the guys a day and a half. What type of game plan would you use to install that ?? Is it realistic to install that much in such a short time frame ?
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How many guys do you have? I could see it done seeing it should just be wide open space.
If they can do 1sqf a minute per guy it won't even take a day and a half
Be careful with bamboo for production work because it can be stringy/thready.
Easy to do. Deliver material in advance and dont bother with any of that preparation stuff like leveling or moisture content or sweeping the floor.

It sounds doable in two days with a clean flat open area but there is a limit what a new team is going to accomplish. Large installations go quick if your guys know their jobs and have a rythym. If you show up and talk about what your going to do for half an hour you just wasted two man hours (assuming dour guys).
The bamboo ive been kaying recently comes in 3 and 6 foot lengths. Lays fast and looks better than all threes.
OK, gotta ask, what's a jockey store? Surely they don't have small humans hanging on retail post outs? :laughing:
There are ALOT of variables. Is the subfloor ready, what the layout is, transitions, how wide the material is , other crews in the way, etc. If it's pretty open, and I had two guys on guns, two helpers, I could knock that out in two days no problem.
OK, gotta ask, what's a jockey store? Surely they don't have small humans hanging on retail post outs? :laughing:
I dunno either, but I'd speculate on midgets, so that would involve wrestling ....
I'd say it's more than doable. Myself and four other guys installed 6000 feet of glue down bamboo in 14 hours last year. For experienced crews nail down is usually quicker. 2250 is not too much if it's an open area and there is minimal prep involved.
Game plan? Simple. Start in the middle and go both ways. Hell it's only 500 feet per man. That's pretty easy to do in a wide open space if you're any good at all. If it's 3 inches or better I'm good for a thousand feet a day all by myself in that kind of layout, and I'm an old timer. hehe.
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