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2006 Hawke 6x12 10,000lb lo pro dump trailer

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Trailer is in good condition has not been used very often.
Hoist works great it is a scissor style
Newer Napa Deep cycle battery
Brakes work fine
All lights are present and working
Tires are not in the best condition but should last a long time unless you travel with it a lot.(One of the tires is only about a week old, I punctured the side wall of one and couldn't get anyone to fix it)
Body of the trailer is not all beat up, there are just a few spots have some touch up paint.

The reason I am selling is becuase I recently purchased a bobcat and I dont like hauling it on this trailer, or pulling the trailer to the dump with a new truck. I'm planning on buying a one ton dump truck and a flatbed trailer. Asking 4000$ obo
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pictures? Or better yet a LOCATION
I can email pics

Trailer is located in Lancaster,OH
I have a 5-7 ton dump truck '85 GMC great shape I would be interested in a trade plus cash....
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