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2" copper water line

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Somebody was telling me about a cool trick to roll out 2" copper, something about making a long box just wider than the pipe diameter and rolling it through that. I guess it keeps it from kinking, I want to ask him about it again but hes at deer camp. Anybody ever done this?
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Don't know any tricks but would love to hear some. Its a pain to roll out 2" copper.
We have one guy pull one end while another holds up coil of pipe and he unrolls it............we do this with poly as well :)
Pretty much the same thing, one guy stands the roll up and feeds it to a guy pulling the end to unspool it. There is no worry about kinking 2" copper ha. I hate 2" copper such a PITA to do anything with it.
Get yourself a garage door spring and put your copper threw that to do your bends. 2 guys to unroll the roll that is the only way. digger
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