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I am working on a design for a house and just finished my first floor. I like the open floor plan concept but I am afraid this current layout will not be feasible because I plan to have a second floor above this. I know anything is possible with enough money, but I am trying to be economical in my design (home value 175~210k). Do I need to place the load bearing post there to make my plan work or will placing something like an I beam be cost effective? Attached is my current design. Sorry for the bad drawing, but I am deployed and away from my actual computer...done using autodesk homestyler.

I would also appreciate any general input regarding my first floor layout.



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It's a square box, which is the simplest of all structures to create. Yet there is a ton of wasted space and disproportionate space in the structure. I'm assuming the double staircase to be a misprint, because if you have both a basement and a second floor, why wouldn't you stack the stairs to save space? The kitchen is out of proportion with the overall structure, and the main eating space is too small when compared with the kitchen and living space. There are hallways and unused area everywhere that doesn't contribute to the efficiency of the design. When you have a small footprint, every little bit counts. It still has to be paid to be constructed like living space, but if it's unusable space, it's not paying you back!

Take a look at some bungalow plans and buy a copy of Susanka's The Not So Big House. And don't be disheartened by my criticism. Some people just don't have the gift of "seeing" designs, ever. Some people can develop that gift if given enough time. And some people intuitively grasp it right away. You're not in the third group. I don't know if you're first or second group. Only time will tell.
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