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18v firestorm tools...anyone use them?

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I was wondering if anyone had tried/used Black&Decker's Firestorm tools yet. A buddy of mine has the drill and the nailgun, I've used both (borrowed the nailgun a couple times and the drill once when I'd killed my batteries) they seem to work alright.

Picked up a little B&D 14.4 homeowner special for $15 in a pawn shop yesterday (it looks brand new) and was debating getting one of their universal chargers and then going after the 18v hammerdrill/sawzall/nailgun, etc, and keeping the little drill to go inside cabinets, as a screw gun, etc.

Sp, has anybody used/liked/disliked these tools? Should I stay away or go for it?

I was even debating getting one of their 18v leaf blowers to use as a tool to drain the batteries once they get a little bit weak and to shoot my sawdust out the door and into the flowerbed!
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My dad had one of the drills, cheap throw-away tool but it worked alright for light duty stuff.

I wouldn't bother with the saw or blower, just save up for a better set.
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