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18 month long project

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Hey guys,

I haven't posted any pictures from the project I've been working on the past 18 months, so I decided to do a somewhat sequence picture post. The really unique things on this 40,000 sqft foot building include 37 Caissons that are 5' in diameter, have 13' bells, and are 50' deep. There is a geothermal HVAC system that has 40 wells 500' deep. There are polished concrete floors. There are 2 garden roofs.

I love comments and questions. I also put a couple photos from the residential work I do.
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Snowing today ?
Yeah I think we got about 4 inches so far.

Yeah that was a bad night..... Of corse that happened right at 5pm when all the Department of Energy higher ups were driving home for the day.

Centerline- How did you resize the pic so it could be posted? I've been having issues and want to put the photos right into the thread.
oooh... I know that feeling of your loader losing ground! Never a good day when that happens.:no:
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