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Hi Everyone,

Wanted to get some community insights into my current project. I’m building a cedar outdoor pavilion on our patio and since span tables are scant on Cedar I wanted to double checked my specs with you fine folks. Here’s the details:

  • 18’x18’ (full length and width not oc)
  • 4 posts total 8”x 8” notched to receive header beams leaving 2”x2” for bolting headers
  • 48” 6”x8” knee braces on all post/beam connections
  • 6”x12” headers/rim beams all around
  • 8:12 Gabled roof with 6”x6” king post and 6”x12” ridge beam
  • 4”x10” rafters 48”oc
  • 2”x6” tongue an groove roof decking

Material: Rough Sawn Cedar

All connections will be made with proper sized bolts and fasteners.

My main 4 questions are:

1. Factoring in knee braces and the lumber size the full span for the header beams will be approximately 12’ with the king post putting a point load in the center of the front and back beams and rafters on left and right. I can’t find any great span charts on Cedar, so I’m wondering if anyone here knows if this span is okay?

2. Should I put knee braces on my king posts and ridge beam?

3.Will the rafter spacing work since I’m using 2” decking?

4.What would be the best way to connect my rafters at the ridge? I’ve seen with larger rafters like these some people connect them above the ridge beam with threaded rods, and I’ve seen some connected to the ridge beam in a more traditional method. Are there any pros and cons to these two different methods, or is it just aesthetics? Are there any other connection methods I should consider?

Thank you in advance for any help you could provide.

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This post is perfect for the DIY site. Lots of detail and clearly thought out questions. Good job on that part.

What construction trade are you in?

you see, you’ve landed on a site that is for actual contractors to share their experiences and ask questions to one another.

If you’re not a contractor then you’re someone doing it yourself looking for professional input for free.

Contractors make their living by CONTRACTING the work because they have the experience to do it correctly.
This would be like asking your mechanic to give you some pointers on how to fix your vehicle so can you do it yourself without compensating him for his time or his shared experience. There is a DIY site where 10s of people will share their opinions with you.

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