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155,000 btu remmington heater driving me nuts

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I have a 155,000 btu kerosene heater that isn't working properly. When I plug it in, the glow bar glows and the fan starts but it isn't creating the suction needed to provide the fuel.

I reset the psi as outlined in the manual and it just won't suck the fuel from the tank. I have replaced the line, cleaned every part on the heater, checked all the fuel lines and components for leaks.

I unhooked the air pump and blew into the air hose when the glow bar and fan started up, fuel was delivered and it ignited so nothing is plugged but it just wont suck the fuel out of the tank.

I am stumped. Any ideas?
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Vent may be clogged, should be vent in the cap. Does it work with cap loose?
I just gave away my 155,000 btu Remington heater. Had been a pain since I got it. The homeowner took it apart and found the fan on the inside was stripped and not spinning. $8 part and it appears to work better than new. It was the shorter kerosene heater. Not a longer one. It had 2 fans. One big one to blow the hot air out and one small one to cool something. (Cool something acccording to the homeowner) Not sure if this could be your problem.
The homeowner was at the house we were working. I've done a huge amount of work for him. He thinks he struck gold getting an old heater that didn't work.
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