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11 Flr Concrete Bldg - Soundproofing

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We are about to install Shaw Laminate, along with their 3 and 1 underlayment. Will that be enough for soundproofing? Anything else we should consider or do? The installation will be done by the pros. We live in a Condo and wish to ensure we get it right the first time. Thanks citygirl.
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What are you soundproofing? Incoming, outgoing? I once soundproofed a 3rd floor 'poolhall' where eveyone went after the bars closed, party animals. Sound has different frequencies and different materials stop them. In this case it was sheet aluminum, sheet lead, sheet polyfoam, 1/2" cork and wood flooring. The neighbors never complained.
Most of the time, the only sounds it stops is DBA. In other words, stereo's, voices, ect...
You will still hear people walking on it, it will just sound more solid is all.
Usually cork yealds the best results.
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