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1099 Law

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I have been doing roof snow removal for someone else during the winter months since my operations for masonry contracting have been shut down.

we have gone a few months now and randomly he brings up 1099ing me. No contract has been signed or negotiate prior to this. I’m a bit curious on how the insurance situation works. We are working doing roof removal above 2 stories so the premium is likely fairly high for me to have a policy covering this sort of work. I’m not sure whether he even can have insurance for this sort of work considering he’s not a licensed contractor by the CSLB. Also do I become liable being his sub as a licensed contractor?

am I still covered under his insurance the policy as a 1099 sub? If I’m to be a 1099 employee and have to get my insurance coverage I will have to renegotiate our agreed upon wage or back out.
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