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1099 Law

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I have been doing roof snow removal for someone else during the winter months since my operations for masonry contracting have been shut down.

we have gone a few months now and randomly he brings up 1099ing me. No contract has been signed or negotiate prior to this. I’m a bit curious on how the insurance situation works. We are working doing roof removal above 2 stories so the premium is likely fairly high for me to have a policy covering this sort of work. I’m not sure whether he even can have insurance for this sort of work considering he’s not a licensed contractor by the CSLB. Also do I become liable being his sub as a licensed contractor?

am I still covered under his insurance the policy as a 1099 sub? If I’m to be a 1099 employee and have to get my insurance coverage I will have to renegotiate our agreed upon wage or back out.
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The IRS has rules that determine whether you're an employee or sub. Google them please.
Wouldn’t be here if I could have found that answer already
did you look?

I did actually have to look beyond that to find my answer but thank you it did lead me in the right direction
You are a contractor but you don't already carry insurance?
I have a general liability policy but it does not cover areas above 2 stories.

Also I’m sure snow removal above 2 stories has different risks affecting the premium
Like the other guys posted then you need to establish if you were an employee or a sub.

Since you made it through the season without any got lucky. Next season change your policy and charge him accordingly.

If he doesn't carry insurance....stop helping him on his jobs. If you are on site when something happens they'll go after anyone that can be liable.
He stated yesterday I would not be an employee i would be an independent contractor.

I will not be moving forward and conducting business.
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