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$100 Google Adwords Certificate

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Anyone else get one of these in the mail today? It's a $100 credit for Google adwords. I have no idea how the adwords thing works other than it's pay per click and it shows up to the right of regular search results, which makes it look like spam.

So if every deck builder in Toronto got this certificate, (which must be used by Jan 31), then I guess it won't be very exclusive :laughing:

Any downsides to using the credit?
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No downsides - it is basically a way of seeing if ad-words will help your business at no cost / allowing you to play around and see how the system works
Yes I received that in the mail today. Straight in the trash it went.
adwords can become very expensive in a hurry if you do not know what you are doing.

You design and place ads that are displayed when people search for keywords you select.

You only pay when the user clicks on your adv and the price depends on how many people are also competing for the keywords.

You can restrict it to only show the adv to users in a very specific region.

For example, you can show adv to people who are searching for 'deck builder' in some part of Toronto.

You can also restrict the amount you spend.

If you want to learn more there is a well known Adwords course by perry marshall

If you have the money to spend it is worth a shot. I see your competition is using it.
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I would say that you can only gain from using those coupons in fact I wish i had received one :( That being said if I were you I would target long tail keywords vs. short tail keywords.

Long tail keywords is using the strategy of targeting less-competitive niche markets rather than the hugely competitive broad keywords. For example targeting 'Small Business Web Design' over just 'Web Design.' With Adwords the more competitive (short tail) keywords have a higher CPC or Cost per Click meaning that your $100 will go farther using long tail keywords. Another benifit of this is that you can target your customers more.

The goal of your website it to drive traffic but the ultimate goal is to drive targeted traffic and long tail keywords do just that.

Threw it in the trash? Could have gave it away or auctioned it.

But yes we received one too. I set up adwords for us before but paused the campaign for a bit. I'll give this card a go as it's free money to waste on advertising, nothing to lose. I've learned some new techniques, will try them and share if they're successful.
Yes I received that in the mail today. Straight in the trash it went.
If you could......Grab that trash and PM me the code please!
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