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The complete list of ten traits common to successful business people are

Passion or a love of what they are doing
communication skills
controlled ego
inner peace
a defining background
strong family life
positive attitude
a focus on "doing the right things right"

A nice self awareness test is to take these 10 traits to rank them in order from top to bottom in relation to how much of each trait you have. It can show you where your strengths and weaknesses lie. :Thumbs:

Here is mine

1 a focus on "doing the right things right"
2 intelligence
3 communication skills
4 strong family life
5 Passion or a love of what they are doing
6 positive attitude
7 energy
8 controlled ego
9 a defining background
10 inner peace

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1, strong family life
2, inner peace
3, passion or love of what they are doing
4, focus "doing things right"
5, positive attitude
6, energy
7, intelligence
8, communication skills
9, a controlled ego
10, a defining background

if you have a strong family life and inner peace, the others fall into place IMO

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What I think and what my customers think may be two different things. To be honest my opinion of myself is usually not the same when someone describes me.

I would have to say:
Smart & Hard work.
Commitment to my reputation.
Dedication to my customers.
Doing something that just comes naturally to me.
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