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10,000 Posts and Growing!

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Well, we finally hit the 10,000 post mark. I guess were doing something right.

Thanks everyone for helping to make this board GREAT! :Thumbs:
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I personally almost have 2000 posts :)
Now we need to change your name to Chatty!
10,000 posts! That ought to make one heck of a fence. I think I see Calder turning green.
Congrats to Nathan and all of us... :Thumbs:

Teetorbilt LMAO good one :cheesygri
Only a contractor could find humor in that. :)
Teetorbilt said:
10,000 posts! That ought to make one heck of a fence..
Congratulations! I am well on my way to 25 posts myself! :cheesygri Jay
That's 208 ft. of fencing! LOL
Now we have 1000 members. Another nice round number! :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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