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Hi everyone,

i am not a contractor, and i know i don't belong in this forum. I have posted my question on other forums, but no one seems to take it seriously. I have read some post on this forum, and i found you guys are very experienced and educated on this area.So, i hope you can guys can give me a hand here...

i am planning to put tiles on my second stores kitchen's floor.
i have pulled out the previous vinyl floor and other wood board.
As you can see from the pictures i have uploaded, the kitchen's floor are left with slat wood(i think) and some 3/4 plywood around the exit door area.
Floor Property Flooring Tile Hardwood

Yellow Amber Wood Orange Floor

Floor Flooring Property Hardwood Wood

Floor Property Flooring Wall Wood

Floor Wood Flooring Hardwood Wall

Floor Flooring Wood Hardwood Wood flooring

should i perform the following steps to tile my floor?
1) screw down 1/4 pine plywood on the floor
2) use cement mud the gaps between the plywood
3) use latex primer to prime the plywood
4) level the floor with self-leveling compound
5) install Dita underlayment
6) then install the tiles....

any help would be nice
Thank you

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