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0 % Credit Card Offers Coming Back? Are The Strings Loosening Up?

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0 % Credit Card Offers Coming Back?

In the past week, I have received 3 offers from Capital One CC with 0 % on purchases until September 2010.

I haven't received any for around 8-12 months until now.

Is this a sign of the Credit Card Banking Industry starting to loosen up the strings a little bit?

I am not going to get these, (Well, If They Were Balance Transfer Accounts I Would), but I just wanted to take the pulse of the Industry, So To Speak.

What offers have started to come forth to you recently?

Is that different than the past 8-12 months as in my case?


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They are still out there. In the last few months had 0% or 1-2% bt offers for a year or some offer 2 years from chase, citi, discover, and BoA.

One credit union I belong to has a really great deal, 2.99% for life with a very low bt fee, Penfed. I took them up on that one:clap:.

Edit to add Ed you should ditch crap one and broaden your credit horizons :p.
Some anyone can join, most even if they have membership requirements you can find a group to join to qualify. I belong to 2 that let me join by spending $20-$30 to join groups.

The big thing is finding credit unions that have products you want, and will give them to you. All my local cu's are kinda crappy/stingy, so I looked around online for better cu's I could join.

People say they are a little friendlier and less likely to ratejack you than the big banks.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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