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wood floors

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    I'm building a dance floor, and the plans I've been given require a subfloor made of 4x8 plywood rated MSR 1650 or higher. I called up some local lumber companies and none of them even know what MSR is. Is MSR actually used by contractors? p.s. I'm not a contractor.
  2. Flooring
    i went to bid on a lady's floors the over day and these are my findings. it is a house on piers and was built in 1957. wooden planks as subfloor, tar paper moisture barrier, and then 4 inch oak natural wood floor on top, never had a problem. she remodeled the house in 2008, 40000 dollars later...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone... I've been exploring this site for several hours before joining and what a wealth of information and talent that's here. My specialty is Hardwood Flooring from three generations in California. I'm looking forward meeting many of you and sharing in ideas for continued success in...