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  1. Websites and SEO
    I am using Dreamweaver to create my website, learning as I go. I have been going over it in my spare time, but I need outside opinions. If anyone cares to give it a 'test drive' and offer constructive feedback, I could use the help: Thanks for your time.
  2. Websites and SEO
    Disclaimer: I'm a web dude, I do web stuff. This article shows a website I was in the process of building for a contractor, but it is merely for educational purposes, and not an advertisement. I hope to show you the difference between a website that works for your business as opposed to a...
  3. Websites and SEO
    Disclaimer: I am a web dude. I offer web services, but this post is in no way an advertisement for my services. I am biased towards working with a web professional because it's my job. However, I will always maintain that the best way to make business decisions is to be educated. This...
  4. Websites and SEO
    Need advice on websites, i want to take my business to the web but i'm having trouble choosing a site builder, i may choose to build and maintaint myself. Anyone have any ideas? what service do you use for your site? did you build it? etc... THANKS!
1-4 of 5 Results