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  1. Masonry
    I have a customer who wants to put 3" Polystyrene outside the sheatheing (1/2" plywood) and then add lath and stone veneer. The framing is 2"x6". So you will have the lath with a browncoat over the insulation and then cultered stone mortared to the lath. The insulation and lath will be either...
  2. Roofing
    Could use some advice regarding flashing chimney faced with veneer stone: Have built new block chimney and plan to face it with cultured stone (owens corning). Tech details from the manufacturer specify that a 2" space must be left under the bottom course of stone and above the roof deck, in...
  3. Masonry
    I like for certain applications. Just did my first contract with this product. Installation went FAST. Looks just like a new splitface wall...............cebustone com