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  1. General Discussion
    All, I was wondering if I could have your opinion on if getting a construction camera is worth it? Does it help with security, progress monitoring, team collaboration, showing off your work, etc.? Also, if you prefer video monitoring or time lapse. Any help would be great! Thanks,
  2. Tools & Equipment
    Hello, I'm a junior level design student at Appalachian State University, we are currently working on designing trade specific folding lock back knives and i really would appreciate your insights on what the professional tradesman needs. Below I've posted a small questionnaire please answer...
  3. Contractor Swap
    We are selling a complete sheet metal shop (Tennsmith and Lockformer equipment). We bought the equipment new in 2007 and used it very little. The equipment has been sitting for about a year. All of the equipment is in great shape and operating. We are refocusing our company on Fuel piping. This...
  4. Electrical
    hi im mike i am bout to start attending pennco tech to be an electrician. they gave me a list of tools i need to get and i guess they are just makin up there own names for these tools idk. its aggrevating! can anyone help me, maybe someone knows what they are talkin bout the tools i need help...
1-4 of 6 Results