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  1. Masonry
    Hi everyone. I’ve finished building out the frame for my woodstove hearth and am ready to tile! The tiles I am using are porcelain and approximately 9x2.5 inches. They will be layed out in a vertical orientation and not staggered. But I’m looking for suggestions on how to properly measure the...
  2. Tiling
    We recently had someone install a tile shower and jetted tub. There is a pretty significant sized gap, maybe an inch and a half, that is unfinished between the window and shower tiles. It looks like they should have cut tiles to fit in that gap. What do you guys think? Is this job done, or...
  3. Tiling
    Contractor is finished with my bathroom remodel, but I have some concerns with the grout. When I raised my concerns, he said his guys had over watered it the first time so he re-grouted the large tile bathroom floor and the grout looks smooth now, but the color is inconsistent varying between...
  4. Tiling
    Ok so I am still a novice when it comes to tile work. I’ve messed around with bagged grout mix before when doing my old bathroom and had no luck with it not flaking apart over time. I decided to go with an epoxy grout this time around thinking this is going to hold up against the foot traffic in...
  5. Drywall Picture Post
    I am in the end stages of a bathroom renovation and keep finding huge holes in my walls. The contractor keeps telling me the workers are leaning tools on the walls but they are conveniently located behind water lines. I believe they are cutting my wall trying to troubleshoot. How can I approach...
  6. Tiling
    I’ve been setting tiles and installing on and off for 5 years with the current GC group I work for. Im looking for tips/ ways to get ur own company for tiling started and where to bid on tenders/job any info will help thank you!
  7. Tiling
    Hello, I am tiling a small bathroom with 4’ by 2’ tiles that are 3/8” thick. I need to match the existing tile height of 1”. I assume I will need to use 1/4” fiber cement board but would like recommendation of what size trowel for both the board and tile to get to the desired height. Any...
  8. Tiling
    Let me preface this thread by saying I just got done with a year long rebuild of a home in Florida that was flooded. Total gut. So I am somewhat aware of the ups and downs between different contractors in different levels of ability. New home. New state. Getting both bathrooms redone including...
  9. Flooring
    Morning guys, Looking to see what the general going rates in central Florida (I’m in Volusia county) are. I’m not sure how it happened but over the years the stores I’m subbing from lulled me into low end apartment carpet and vinyl because “nobody else will do it”. I’m done. I miss installing...
  10. Tiling
    Hi - a question for this group. We just had white porcelain tile installed and you can see the glue seeping through the tile and staining it from the back. We were told that it is moisture and it will dry... have you ever had this experience before?
  11. Flooring Picture Post
    I just got started up on this job today. I'll be replacing a Tile floor due to a substandard toilet installation that leaked, damaging the subfloor etc... The builder used plastic closet bolts and a wax ring with no plastic collar :blink: I'll have some more on the job updates :rockon:
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hi from Orange County Ca. I am a licensed Tile contractor with 30 yrs experience in the tile trade.
  13. Tiling
    Best meaning powerful, portable, easy filling/ cleaning, and splash protection. I see this one Plasplug says it will cut thru 1" material. Does anyone have a "go to" 4 1/2 wet saw.
  14. General Discussion
    My tile guy is charging me $14 sq ft to install ceramic tile for me. That includes all materials including backer board .I am responsible for the purchase of the tile. I just wanna know if this is a good ,fair ,or bad price? And what is a fair price to charge my customers ?
  15. Masonry
    hey guys looking for some adwise how we can install ceramic tile over exterior brick walls? is there any prep required? What tile and mortar should be used for this job? Never did before Im a framer.
1-15 of 16 Results