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  1. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    I have multiple bathroom remodels and an upcoming attic conversion in an upscale home. The attic needs a full bathroom installed, theater room, and bar. Let me know if your interested.
  2. Business
    Opinions requested from GCs and subs. We have reached our substantial completion for a recent union, commercial, project at least 4 weeks ago. Sequencing has been an issue from the start. A job bid as a single phase turned into two-plus phases. Parts that we had to paint came in piecemeal. Crew...
  3. General Discussion
    a subcontractor submitted invoices for previous years. he currently has no insurance coverage. do we have to pay these invoice if he was not insured at time of services?
  4. New Member Introductions
    I am an estimator for a small site work company in Brownsburg, IN (just west of Indianapolis). I graduated from ISU last may and got a job with a general contractor in Maryland as an estimator/superintendent. Go figure, the company pretty much went belly up and I got laid off 6 months after my...
  5. Contractor Licensing
    I've got a friend of a friend that is doing cell phone tower construction that does not have a Fl general contractors license. He has a general contractor pull permits on then the GC has him listed as a sub-contractor. To my understanding there are lots of problems with this arrangement ( IE...
  6. New Member Introductions
    how does one become an apprentice to be a general contractor I am a Painting contractor and I am currently working as a security guard. I received my contractors license the end of last year. I know this is a long shot posting this on yelp, but I figure it can't hurt. When I started my business...
1-7 of 7 Results