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  1. Stucco on Sealed Concrete

    Hello everyone, I am trying to stucco over the brick pillars in my backyard and have hit a roadblock. It is the sealed concrete on the top of the pillars that is giving me adhesion problems. The base coat adheres well to the brick, but the tops of the pillars have sealed concrete on top. I...
  2. Drywall before stucco?

    General Discussion
    Has anyone ever heard of installing drywall before scratch coat to avoid cracking stucco? Or does it really matter?
  3. Attach HardiePanel Directly to Metal Sheeting?

    Adding a face-lift facade to an existing metal/steel building that is serving as a primary residence (built-out residential interior). Customer attempting to create "somewhat" of a more residential appearance (at least on the front of the building). I recommended a faux stone panel across the...
  4. Felt on walls - how to flash windows

    I've decided to use double #15 felt under my stucco and still want to use the Flexwrap for the window flashing. Does anyone know if the Flexwrap will adhere to the felt? I'm hearing, mostly, that it will not. I really am stumped on this one. Any ideas?:eek:
  5. 10,000 Gal +/- KOI POND

    General Discussion
    I have a client that had someone build him a KOI POND shaped like a "D" It's 30' long and the arched side is a 15' dia. arch He said it is 4' deep but I think he measured it before the concrete was poured. The arched wall is at about a 45 degree or steeper slope (very dangerous!!). Once the...
  6. how much would you charge for

    Windows, Siding and Doors
    changing 106 windows, labor only. The new windows are aluminum, smaller frame. How would you go around the stucco not messing it up so that touch ups won't be necessary?. pictures included. We did a lot of stucco work for the owner on his other hotels and honestly i don't know much about...
  7. How to close in a Corn Crib to be a guest cottage

    Green Building
    its a 130 year old corn crib, (airy barn,) that a client wants turned into a sustainable guest house. I am attaching a greenhouse for passive heating, supplemented by a wood burning stove in the sitting room. ( N. GA mountains). Half of the barn will be a bedroom. It currently has 1x3...
  8. looking for stucco exterior work in ATL area

    Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    over 15 years of experience, references available. We did a lot of residential and commercial work including EFIS, stucco, trims, columns etc. We completed couple Lowe's, CVS, OLD NAVY buildings etc. Currently working on reconstructing the Holiday Inn, 29.000 sft project in Boston, MA but...