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  1. Masonry
    This 200 foot long sculpture was covered with a 6" veneer of rhyolite. The material was delivered to the jobsite in the form of boulders ranging in size from 1'-0" to 5'-0" in diameter. At the end of the six month job I tallied the numbers and was shocked to see that we only set about half the...
  2. Framing
    I have a customer who wants to put 3" Polystyrene outside the sheatheing (1/2" plywood) and then add lath and stone veneer. The framing is 2"x6". So you will have the lath with a browncoat over the insulation and then cultered stone mortared to the lath. The insulation and lath will be...
  3. Masonry
    What would you charge a family member to do cultured stone work for just the labor? Mind you there are a lot of heights involved and I am doing all the prep work- tar paper, lathe, scratch coat, etc. I don't feel right charging 10 a sq ft like I normally would, but want to be reasonable... What...
1-3 of 3 Results