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  1. Tiling
    This covers both grouts from StarQuartz: QuartzLock 2 & StarGlass and TruColor by Bostik. *Don't let the grout freeze! *The buckets have a Vapor-Lock lid. Make sure it is well sealed to insure a 2 year shelf life. *The day prior to installing, I like to turn the bucket upside down. This will...
  2. Tiling
    Picked up the tile for a job today, the customer had picked it out. Some of it is glass mosaic. My tile supplier said to not use non stain or epoxy grout, as he couldn't predict the outcome? Anyone grouted glass tiles? I want to use an epoxy, but now I'm not sure. Thanks
  3. Flooring Picture Post
    I opened the boxes of tile last night and of the 3 kinds of tile, 2 were wrong. I started anyway. The empty spaces will be 2" polished glass.
1-3 of 3 Results