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  1. Decks & Fencing
    Has anyone ever had an issue with Timbertech’s Trademark top rail failing inspection? BI told us the width of the top rail for the stairs is not to code. We’ve installed this type of top rail on stairs multiple times with no issues. Any one have any thoughts? I’m assuming they will require a...
  2. Decks & Fencing
    Hello, I have an elderly lady that wants steps that are 2’ deep so she can use her walker on them only way I can think of is doing box steps. Normally wouldn’t be a problem but I’m building them on a hill going to be 34’ of steps. I’m thinking each box will overlap 16” onto the other one and I...
  3. Finish Carpentry
    See attached photos…. I am remodeling a 3 section stair case. Two of the sections have a closed double 2×12 stringer with floating treads. The existing stairs were carpeted so treads were double 2×12 secured to the stringers with framing angles. The new treads will be 3.5″ red oak. I am...
  4. Finish Carpentry
    Hello, I wanted to start a discussion about English versus American stair construction. I have found references to both, the best of which being in Adele's carpenter and builders book page 1295 that has nice diagrams showing American versus English. American sets the risers first and then the...
  5. Carpentry
    We are completely renovating a row house built between 1890 and 1900, starting with the ground floor (we have tenants on the second floor at the moment). The staircase going from the ground floor to the second floor is a winder type stair and it is sagging by about 1 - 11/2 inches. We were...
  6. Carpentry
    Hi y’all, I have regular staircase down an exterior wall with white wall wrap insulation that if I use regular 2x4 studs I’ll be cutting into my stairs quite a bit. What is the best way to frame this? I’ll add that the rest of the basement is currently framed with regular 2x4 studs.
  7. Carpentry
    I’m remodeling a 1890’s house in New Orleans and adding a 2nd story. The home has heart pine flooring downstairs and we’re milling new floors from the salvaged framing (also heart pine) for upstairs. I’d like the stairs to be heart pine as well. I have lots off off cut pieces of 6” wide heart...
  8. Landscaping Picture Post
    heres some concrete stairs, retainer wall, handrails, and sandstoning I just completed on a job. Hope you like them I have another 100 photos on my website for my stairs or ideas c price landscapes
  9. Flooring Picture Post
    My client wanted lamiante flooringto be installed on the stair and that too with-out the stairnose! as he was concerned that his little ones might trip. Well, we did it..surface of the profile (custom made with Teak wood and polished to match) and the surface of the floor was perfectly levelled!
  10. Flooring
    OK so I've installed bamboo and tile throughout this condo, just have the stairs to finish. I did a single tread and the landing, and am ready to turn left and head on up the stairs. This is using special nosing pieces and regular flooring material, not whole bamboo treads. This is applied on...
1-10 of 10 Results