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  1. Finish Carpentry
    This one is for me, not a client and wood finishing is not my forte' but I have done some in the past.I generally dive in but this time...well. It is for my wife. I just installed prefinished solid bamboo floating floor (tongue glued). It is the standard horizontal grain and color of finish. I...
  2. Flooring
    Hey guys. I am new to this site. I am a new business just starting up and I have a bid currently going and I was wondering what a good way to stain and clear a hardwood floor. I am looking for a good material. I was also wondering if sanding and resealing the floor at $1.25 a sq ft is a too...
  3. Concrete & Paving
    We pour the driveway concrete a week ago. Unfortunately we forgot to put up a bunch of those yellow caution signs for cars to see the new poured driveway. After us car drove on it and we have tire line but not deep, it seems a shadow on concrete. I hide them a little with makita wire brush...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello , I'm a Painting and Staining/Finishing Contractor. I love doing what I do and that makes the finished produce so much better. I have been Finishing for about 20 + years. Quality and Efficiency is what I live by, Nothing less Geri's Detailing Geri Dumask 715-370-1947
1-4 of 5 Results