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  1. Kitchens & Baths
    I would typically follow the method recommending by sink manufactures to install undermount stainless steel sinks with the clips that are provided. I have a scenario with custom cabinets in which the inside width of the Euro box is about 30.25". I'm being asked to maximize the size of sink that...
  2. Kitchens & Baths
    I have a question, I have a white corian sink. I wish to change the color. is there a stain or paint I can use to tint it dark? Thanks
  3. Flooring
    Here goes, I don't really want to resurface this guys tile but his logic seems to make a bit of sense. 3 Walls and the Floor 7'H 3'W are tiled in a shower. and the Kitchen Sink. It's a rental so HO doesn't want to re-tile the shower. HO said he just wants it resurfaced. I'll probably just...
1-3 of 4 Results