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  1. Roofing
    Our GC is doing a new roof shingles for our house remodel/extension. This part here where it connects the old and new area of the house, he said it is a “roof valley” and should not have shingles. It looks pretty ugly and not sure if it is enough water protection without the shingles. We can see...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey all just wanted to introduce myself. Any other newer roofers in this group? How bout in the midwest? Looking forward to learning.
  3. Roofing
    Hi, my licensed roofing contractor is saying he can put 3rd layer on top of existing two. I do realize disadvantages of three layers, but would like to know if anyone here knows what the codes say?
  4. New Member Introductions
    ... still waiting for the snow to melt in northern Ontario. Starting my first professional roofing season right after Easter. Long winters up here. I suppose every roofer on here is deep into their season already. been roofing for 8 years, though. And my dad was a contractor, I can remember...
  5. Roofing
    I would really appreciate feedback on your favorite shingles. I personally have been using a lot of Owens Corning Oakridge 30 and Duration. I dont read to many positive reviews on these but I think they are a great shingle. I am also a fan of their price. They not only look good after...
  6. Roofing
    Can anyone identify this? We're doing some minor repairs on a clients roof as part of a major remodel. Only need a 1/3 square of roofing to complete the job but it's being a real thorn in my side! :blink: The color in the photo is dang near close to real life. Light blue with a hint of...
  7. General Discussion
    We purchased the Nantucket eastern white cedar siding shingles from Maibec, unfinished. We are now attempting to stain them with Cabot's semi-transparent oil-based stain. We pre-stained the backs and sides of the shingles, and we are now staining the front of the shingles in place. However, we...
1-7 of 8 Results